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Professional Guitar Instruction

Wonder Lake, IL

Learn guitar with someone who has been teaching professionally for over 20 years. No matter if you are a beginner or have been playing guitar for most of your life. Work with an instructor who will help you achieve tremendous improvement in your playing.


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Chris Kalkbrenner

Teaching full time for over 20 years!

Located in my private home studio in Wonder Lake, IL on a quiet street in a friendly neighborhood, not in some music store in a tiny room with other noisy lessons happening right next door. No busy intersections with noisy vehicles driving by, no customers trying out guitars and drums and making way too much noise. Professional guitar instruction in a quiet & relaxed environment so you can get the most out of your lessons.

Guitar Lessons That Get Results!

Are you just starting out learning the guitar? If you are brand new and have no idea where to start, then you need a teacher to get you going down the right path. Maybe you have had a friend or family member show you a few basic things. That’s a great start, but in order to really advance your playing, you need to work with a teacher who will make sure that you don’t develop any bad habits right from the start. It’s also important that you continue to enjoy playing the guitar. Working with me, you will have lots of fun right from your very first lesson. We will work together to make guitar playing a very important, enjoyable and long lasting part of your life.

Have you taken guitar lessons in the past, but stopped for any reason? Maybe you weren't getting the results you desired. I will not only coach you on what to practice, but also how to practice your guitar so you get results quickly. Maybe the teacher wasn’t creating lesson plans appropriate for you or tailored to your specific goals. Nobody likes to be treated like a number. You won’t just be assigned a generic lesson from some generic book each session. Work with a teacher who will help you develop clear goals and personalize each lesson to massively improve your playing. Maybe the teacher lacked experience teaching guitar. Work with a teacher with over 20 years of professional teaching experience. I have helped hundreds of people of all ages reach their musical goals, become amazing guitar players, and have fun playing the guitar. 

Have you tried learning by yourself from online sources or YouTube videos? That’s only a waste of your time. What kind of feedback do you get from watching videos online? None! How do you know if what you are watching is correct? You don’t! How do you know if the material you find online is relevant to you and will actually improve your playing? You don’t! Improving your guitar playing by searching online for little bits of information is almost impossible. Receive instant feedback and feel confident that what you are learning is relevant to your guitar playing goals with private one on one lessons. There are hundreds of guitar teachers out there, you deserve the best. A teacher that will guide you along your path to guitar greatness. 


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Student Testimonials

Ryan K.

"Chris is an excellent teacher.   His mellow mood and encouraging attitude always made me feel comfortable and excited to learn! I came into my lessons not knowing how to read or play a note and in a very short time was comfortable picking up any song book to read and stumble through the music.  Chris's teaching style gave me confidence and the necessary techniques to improve my skills.  I would recommend Chris without hesitation to anyone seeking guitar lessons.  And what a lucky student they will be."

Melissa S.

"Chris is a fantastic guitar teacher who takes the time to get to know what your goals are and creates a plan to achieve them. He is focused on helping his students become better guitarists, while maintaining a stress-free approach to the learning process. Chris is professional, courteous, passionate about music, and knowledgeable. If you’re ready to put in the practice while having fun doing it, then Chris will guide you to becoming a better guitarist."

Lance J.

"Chris is a great guitar instructor. He works well with his students and really knows his stuff. I’ve learned a lot from him in the last year while working with him."

Courtney S.

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Chris Kalkbrenner

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